Testimonials - Our client’s satisfaction matters!

What Our Clients Say:

"I really can't emphasize enough how practical and useful this course was - Stephen not only offered plenty of real-world examples of how to grow business, but put 'his money where his mouth was' and proved they work."

"I didn't realise how many opportunities we were already in possession of that we can use to get more business."

"Personally, I'd say the course was an essential for all staff in today's market of sparse instructions."

"Simply the best course I have ever attended."


"Another word of thanks to Stephen Brown. Did the staff 1-2-1's today - the attitude and motivation that the guys gained from the training is excellent - thank you. The ideas are flowing!" "You've helped me overcome my fear of call backs. I now have 10 new instructions booked in for my office alone. The magic word you gave me is working :) If anyone hasn't done Stephens course you must."

Spokesman for a Leading Estate Agent

"Stephen Brown - Thank you so much! I have thoroughly enjoyed today and I learned so much from you."

Spokesman for a Leading Estate Agent

"Dear Stephen Thank you for the training today. I know that everyone really enjoyed it and, although some were reluctant attendees, they were buzzing at the end. We must now ensure that they put your wise counsel into practice and we will be monitoring the results. An excellent job well done."

Sales Partner at leading South West Estate Agents

"Steve, many thanks for today I really think your ideas and advice will make a real difference. Amazing how so many people dread the thought of training but then walk away so positively."

Partner of an 11 branch agency

"You have proven to be a breath of fresh air to our company and myself and my colleagues have a positive outlook after implementing your procedures. In a short time we have seen results and are definitely looking forward to working with you to improve our company."

MD of London Estate Agents

"Having attended a training course hosted by Stephen Brown on "business generation" I came out of the day refreshed and full of energy ready for 2015. Since then I have invited Stephen to my offices in order to train and motivate the sales and lettings departments on how to generate more new business in all areas within the property industry.

Having implemented the ideas and knowledge obtained from Stephen we are experiencing increased levels in historic leads which are being converted to actual valuations through to instructions. Stephens wealth of knowledge within Estate Agency is vast and he will make even the most highly experienced agent learn a new trick or two."

Sales & Letting Manager Essex

"We have found Stephen’s wealth of practical experience of running his own successful Estate Agency sets him aside from any other trainer we have used in the past. Stephen is very easy to work with and approachable and have found his advice to be invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommended Stephen to any company. Stephen is also a great trainer and has a knack of highlighting how in agency the little things can make a big difference."

Director of a Leading Estate Agency

"Stephen has certainly added value to my business and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his courses. They are informative and fun! I met some other great Estate Agents too and came away invigorated, raring to go! In addition to this Stephen has kept in touch and is always more than happy to give us on-going support.

Thank you again and again Stephen."

Director of a Leading Estate Agency in Manchester.

"I recently attended a training course on ‘’business generation’ that was organized through Estate Agency All Stars and carried out by Stephen Brown. The day was action packed and included some great ideas on both maximising your existing database as well as finding ways of gaining new business.

Having now implemented what I learned from the course, I can definitely say that I have booked in more valuations and won more instructions because of it. I would recommend the course highly to anyone new to valuing/lead generation as well as any old dog wanting to learn some new tricks or refresh their knowledge."

Director of a Leading City Estate Agency.

"Dear Stephen, I hope you are well.

I wanted to drop you an email as you were in my thoughts earlier. I have a nice story for you….

As you know we met you on the 24th November – on that morning we prospected landlords eagerly looking for new business during the quieter period for lettings in our area. One of the prospective Landlords I canvassed on that day invited me round the following week despite him not really having any idea of his next move for his family….

We were finally instructed in early January after several delays and I successfully let the house last night to a delightful family (via a Rightmove enquiry) at full asking price. The Landlord is delighted too. Thanks again for providing us with the impetus to persevere even when the initial contact seems nebulous and a forthright approach is then required.

Kindest regards,


Received from a Leading London Letting Agent

"Stephen’s training sessions have been very beneficial for us. His frank questions and insight helped us to unlock all sorts of potential already sitting within our walls.

Stephen identified our strengths and weaknesses pretty swiftly, which meant most of the sessions were then spent helping us to improve processes and construct our days in a much more constructive way. As a result, we’ve generated more business and continue to do so by continuing to follow Stephen’s methods.

Director of Investment & Development Agency

"Yes the meeting was absolutely brilliant, we discussed so much. Worth every single penny!

Some items we do already, some we don't. We will put into practice many new ideas.

Please please do not tell my direct competitors!!"

Director of Estate Agents in the South East

"I really enjoyed the training day and certainly found it beneficial.

I don't know if you recall but on the call out I received a lot of answer machine messages. My first call the very next day to someone I tried on the course resulted in a market appraisal and has led to another instruction, can't be bad! "

Delegate on Business Generation Course

"The feedback from my managers and negotiators has been fabulous. Not on negative comment from anyone. From my personal perspective I was very impressed by the amount of research you had done on the company in advance as well as the basic health check of all of our correspondence before you came down. The call-out session was superb and between the two training sessions around 40 valuation opportunities have been generated. All of these ideas will be implemented over the next few days.

FBM would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services."

Managing Director

"...Just got to endorse all the positive comments about today It was brilliant If you do one thing this year ..get on this course The investment in time and cost was recouped 5-10 times over in two 45 minute sessions and multiply that by. ..well you can do the maths!

Will be sending all my team the next time Stephen comes up north.

Thank you Stephen for opening our eyes more than we could imagine."

Spokesman for a Leading Estate Agent.

"I just wanted to say thank you very much once again for a brilliant session yesterday, I’ve learnt so much more over the last few sessions and what we need to do to make us different."

Spokesman for a Leading Estate Agent.

"Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for yesterday, I feel it was useful for me, and feel I have some really good tips and ideas to progress the office. It will be hard to change some of my ways and habits, however with a bit of practice I hope I can!"

Spokesman for a Leading Estate Agent.

"In an age of increased competition and low stock levels, I was concerned how we could continue to grow or even maintain our business levels, so I decided to book Stephen’s Prospecting Training Session.

Whilst really enjoyable, the session initially posed some awkward questions about who we were as agents, which in truth made us realise that we weren’t quite as good as we thought we were! Stephen then introduce some simple, yet highly effective technics which the whole team engaged with and we then used the technics that day and booked 11 valuations!! In my mind, that more than paid for the session.

Two weeks on and our valuation levels have more than doubled, the team are even more engaged and there is a real buzz in the office and I feel very positive for the future. I have decided to continue to work with Stephen and I’m just glad he’s not working with any of my competitors."

Managing Director Leading Estate Agents in Bath.

"Dear Stephen,  I'd just like to thank you for the excellent impact your Business Generation Training Day has had on my staff following their visit last week.

All of the staff that attended have come back buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm and have instantly upped their game. On the day we generated a great deal of new business which was incredible - 11 new instructions! Let alone the contact they made with new clients that in time I'm sure which generate further business.

I will follow it up with them again this week as we continue to implement your fantastic ideas.

Thank you again. The improvement and impact it has had on my business over the past couple of years since attending your sessions as been paramount in helping to turn our business around.

I would be more than happy to speak to any new prospective clients you may have that might be considering attending your course. "

Spokesman for a Leading Estate Agent

"Stephen recently carried out a training session with our sales and letting teams and I couldn’t recommend him any higher. It was clear from the outset that he carried out a lot of research on our company beforehand which was apparent in how relevant he made his training to MyLondonHome.

During the training our teams were fully engaged and have spoken highly of the training since. Stephen’s training directly gave us 62 new valuation appointments over two days many of which have now come to the market. He has brought us lots of fresh and new ideas which we are looking forward to putting into action.

Stephen was a pleasure to work with and by bringing his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry to our business, I cannot stress enough how much value he has added.

Kind regards

Managing Director of London Estate Agent

"I would highly recommend Stephen Brown and his training sessions. As a result we have re-designed our morning meetings and now seeing the fruits of our new plans with recording our best sales month in the last few years.

All my team have set objectives going into the meetings and the outcomes are more rewarding. The transformation has allowed me to retain Stephen’s services in order to continue to improve our bottom line. Thanks Stephen and we look forward to the next module in March.

Kind regards


Managing Director of Leading Estate Agent in Doncaster

"I found it absolutely brilliant and it came at a perfect time for me, I was starting to feel a bit lost but it gave me so much clarity and tips that I will most definitely apply back in the office. I look forward to the next one."

Email received from a Leading London Agency Team

"We went through marginal gains and learnt that even the smallest things we do can have a major effect on the bigger picture – which is letting a property.

I have set myself a few tasks to do over the next few days and really bring myself up to scratch which I feel will improve my confidence."

Yes the training was good, lots of ideas and ways to generate more money so thumbs up from me.

You should join us for a session and see for yourself.”

Email received from a Leading London Agency Team

"I think its good that the company go to such an expense in training their staff. Also the material and exercises really do help so I am all for it."

Email received from a Leading London Agency Team

"It was a pleasure to work with you yesterday. My colleagues very much appreciated your straightforward, practical and very effective approach. I was particularly impressed with the immediate results achieved after putting your plan into action. These results not only reached my expectations but also exceeded them.

Thank you, we look forward to working with you again in the very near future.?"

Email received from a Leading London Agency Team

"I had a consultation with Stephen a few months ago and have to say it was well worth doing. I'm the owner of relatively new business and it was great to get some outside input from someone who has been there, got the T-shirt and then the matching frock. Stephen asks a lot of questions, some aren't particularly comfortable but they make you take a good look at what you're doing and his advice and suggestions have really paid off.

One thing that Stephen recommended was holding a monthly property advice evening, kind of like a drop in clinic for local buyers and sellers. I've held two of these events now and as a result I've been instructed to market four properties which have turned into three agreed sales. I wouldn't have won this business if it wasn't for Stephens advice.

One thing that really made a difference to me (apart from the successes above) is Stephen still gives me a call from time to time to touch base, see what ideas I've implemented, what's working and what's not and if it isn't working he's always happy to give me some fresh ideas to try.

Email received from the Director of a new Estate Agent in South London