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Stephen J Brown Consultancy can help with our innovative solutions

1 Our aim is to give Estate Agents a competitive edge over their Competition by being the best trained and most knowledgeable specialists in their areas through mentoring and training. It is our belief that Estate Agency is a people business rather than a property business and people will buy from people they trust and like. It is therefore important that attention to detail is second to none and that world class customer service is delivered. This starts with the basics and making sure these basics are being undertaken exceptionally well and that every Office has minimum service standards.

2 Secondly, valuations are the lifeblood of this business and without these you might as well shut up shop and go home. As the market is extremely competitive it is imperative you find ways of differentiating yourself and therefore I go through the valuation process to establish ways to do this.

3 Our third objective is that every Office and individual have personal and business goals and objectives to get them to strive to a higher level by ensuring they have a strong foundation & excellent product knowledge and through regular reviews, keeping that level high.

How we Work

The Business Plan

  • Overview of your business
  • Fees & Services
  • Marketing
  • Staff Development
  • Systems & Processes
  • Training

Key Performance Indicators

  • Setting Office Targets and Individual Targets.
  • Average Fee
  • Number of Completions
  • Number of Sales/Lettings Agreed
  • Abortive Rate
  • Valuations
  • Instructions
  • Appointments/Viewings
  • Pipeline.

Processes & Systems

  • Morning Meetings
  • Registration & Qualification
  • Applicant Management
  • Business Generation
  • Vendor Care
  • Valuation Process
  • Instruction Process
  • Offer Process
  • Sales Process
  • Compliance
  • Minimum Service Standards
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"Stephen connected with the team within the first hour and then had them thinking about and questioning their habits. From there he focused on how to improve on performance, through setting clear and achievable goals, prioritising and following through on objectives.
A few months in and some of the team have reinvented themselves, which is a great compliment to Stephen and his approach. He is an impressive trainer, with a wealth of valuable knowledge he is naturally able to impart to others."

Managing Director,
Central London Agency