The power of speaking to people and the opportunities it creates. -

I can find business virtually anywhere and so can you!


There is no high-tech software required, you don’t need expensive tools or designer marketing, my technique is free and simple, you just need to have a conversation. I see every situation as an opportunity and I’m not even an estate agent anymore, yet just by going through my daily life I obtain quality leads.


Years ago you could walk into a café and the place would be buzzing full of conversations. Even if you had not visited the place before you could find yourself being swept into a discussion on the weather or kept abreast of the local gossip. Technology seems to have dimmed our desire to chat with strangers, instead our heads are bowed and we submerge ourselves into the screen in front of us, checking emails, returning calls. Those around us fade into the background, as we may believe that the solitude is what we seek.


Whilst enjoying a break in freezing Ledbury over Christmas, I was sitting with my youngest at the hotel reception. There was a roaring fire keeping us company, when two lovely ladies and their very cute dachshund joined us. We got talking and after a short time, they asked what I did. This led to me asking one lady how long she had lived in her property, ‘3 years’, she replied; “And have you heard from your estate agent during that time?” I asked. She explained that she had heard that the agent in question had gone out of business.


We chatted for maybe only 10 minutes, but by the end of the conversation, she asked for her property to be valued and gave me the details of two of her friends who were also looking for a valuation. During our conversation the hotel manager had passed by, he grabbed me shortly after to say he too was looking for a valuation on his property.


10 minutes, 4 appraisals (which I passed onto a local agent) and all from one relaxed conversation by a fire.


Not all of us are natural conversationalists, as with all things in life, the more you practice the easier it gets. Compliments are a great way to start a conversation, they not only make the person feel good but it also opens the door for discussion.  By practicing the art of conversation the more you discover and the better you become. The most unlikely tend to surprise you, you gain valuable insights and strengthen your network and more importantly, you start to gain their trust.


The topic of property should fall naturally into the conversation although sometimes it may need a push, be too aggressive with your approach and it will sound like a sales pitch, and that’s a conversation killer.


It’s not just about starting conversations but listening and responding to others. How many times have you been in a queue or sat having a coffee and heard people talk about moving home, estate agent issues or even giving out bad advice? Do you join the conversation or just mutter under your breath? Why are you not jumping into action?


When I say every situation is an opportunity I mean it. My youngest had a sleep over at Halloween, the dad of one of the children came to collect his son and whilst we were waiting for them to collect bags and say their goodbyes we got talking. Within 5 minutes I learned he had two properties to rent, one needing a lease extension and another refinancing.


Opportunities are right in front of you, are you making the most of them?