Research your way to success -

When I’m called into an estate agency to consult, I take time to understand where the business is now.  Together we research figures and results from a number of sources including RightmovePlus.  This has always been a great resource but now Rightmove have introduced a new tool to help your agency further.


We have talked before about Knowledge is Power and How Strong are your Foundations, to really succeed in business we have to recognise our flaws and failures.  It’s never easy to admit that we have failings, but every successful business constantly reviews and adapts to ensure their foundations are as strong as they can be.


Rightmove:Hub is the new tool from Rightmove to aid your agency to build a strong foundation which in turn will encourage growth and financial success. Mystery Shopping is a form of research I highly recommend to any company.  (Read: My Mystery Shopping Trip Unearths Shocking Truths)


Within the Rightmove:Hub you can organise a bespoke mystery shop that is unique to the needs of your agency.  What better way to discover what service your clients are receiving, identify challenges and create solutions.  The mystery shop may also highlight training needs for your team.  Whatever the result of the mystery shop, we can all improve, this research will help you put systems in place to ensure your clients receive the best possible service in the future.  The worst thing to do when you have made changes is stand still; you need to repeat this form of research regularly in many areas of your business.


Another handy tool within Rightmove:Hub is the webinars.  This will allow you and your team to be able to attend training virtually, great for refreshing and enhancing the knowledge of your team.  Current training offered includes:

 ·  The ultimate listing


In business we often have to take stock of our current operation.  Should your agency require a ‘MOT” or advice on how to implement changes due to the result of a mystery shop or other research, why not get in touch.