How to be an effective leader in this time of uncertainty. -

A leader – a person who rules, guides or inspires others.


Resignations, no confidence and refusing to leave.  Who will come in and save this political mess we find ourselves in?  I’ve no crystal ball on that subject, but what this week has reinforced is the importance of a quality leader. As a business owner you are the person your team looks to for the rules, guidance and inspiration.  If you are not leading your team how can you lead your clients at a time when they need you to?


Being an effective leader is such an asset to your business, companies are made and broken on how a leader performs, dare I say look at the English football team, yes enough said!


Forbes have recently shared an article; Seven leadership lessons from Brexit, where they raise some really valuable points.

  1. Emotion beats logic, and hope beats fear
  2. Experts don’t count for much at all
  3. Activism is a priceless quality
  4. Know the limits of crowdsourcing
  5. Leaders reap what they sow
  6. Time to run carefully
  7. You aren’t a leader if you don’t have any followers.


It is easy to get wrapped up with the pace of business, the hustle to get the job done, that we often leave little time for the fundamental asset that keep our businesses the best they can be – our people.


It is not just about providing your teams with the best places to work, it is about creating systems, processes and an environment where they know the rules, and what is expected, but also giving them the freedom to feel empowered and providing opportunities where they can flourish.


Being a leader you need to make the tough decisions and not hide from your responsibilities, you also need to bring the team with you on a united journey.  What Brexit highlights is that what you may perceive to be the feeling in your teams is often not the reality.  It is essential not to lose touch with your people, to ensure they feel they are part of something and not sat on the reserve bench.


Your team could be feeling unsettled at the moment, they will have seen the endless news for doom and gloom or as they put it ‘project fear’, they will have mortgages, commitments and lives and know that there will be an impact on the property market.  Have you met with your team, had an open and frank discussion, and outlined your contingency plans, objectives and strategy?  If not, why?


Now is the time to have well thought out strategies in place so when things change you can meet them head on and not be chasing your tail.  Your team and your clients need and deserve you to be a transformational leader.


Leadership expert, James McGregor Burns described transformational leadership in 1978 as a process where “Leaders and their followers raise one another to high levels of morality and motivation.”


A transformational leader will be able to not only create but also effectively communicate an inspiring vision of the future.  You want your team to deliver that vision and it is your responsibility to motivate them to buy into your plans.  No matter how strong or innovative your vision may be, and how enthused your team are to deliver it, it is nothing unless it becomes reality.  As a transformational leader you will understand how best to manage your vision so it is delivered with clear objectives and goals, focusing your attention onto your people, supporting them to achieve and continuously earning their trust.


You can’t control what happens in the economy, the property market or the government, so focus on what you can change and control and that is your estate agency and your impact in the community.  Use this time to be the effective and transformational leader your team and your clients are looking for.