Estate agents do nothing but advertise on Rightmove -

The other day I was in the gym and overheard two estate agents discussing the property market.  I could see a gentleman taking an interest in their conversation, just as I was.  As the two agents walked away the man turned to me and said, “estate agents do nothing but advertise on Rightmove, and then take a huge commission.”  Where do I start, I thought, and I set about trying to educate him on exactly what an estate agent does, and why they definitely earn their fee.


It struck me that this is not an uncommon statement from a member of the general public, but why? 


Looking at agent websites, and their brochures and other marketing materials, I think the answer is extremely clear.  How can clients know and understand the work involved, if you don’t tell them?


At the end of last year I was speaking at an event in Doncaster, another of the speakers was Andrea Morgan from Citrus Content. As part of her presentation she talked about how you find the same phrases being used by estate agents when they are describing their business. For example:

Since her presentation these overly used phrases have been jumping off the page at me when looking at an estate agency’s website, or reading their brochure.


As accurate as this language may be in defining your agency, what is it actually telling your clients about what their experience of your service will be?


How will your clients know how important your negotiation skills are when an offer is made? Will they know that you are working hard to ensure they get the highest price possible for their property?


Accompanied viewings, as we know are not just for a lovely couple of hours out of the office, we accompany viewings for a specific purpose, but does you vendor or landlord understand why?


Chains. I know I’ve had a sleepless night or two trying to keep chains together.  The frustration at unanswered calls, those decisions or surprises that bring their own unique challenges, and the joy when, finally, a sale completes.


As agents we are problem-solvers, it is one of our strengths, finding solutions to even the most trickiest of situations.  There will always be that client that sees how much dedication you put into their sale, and will thank you for it.  Facts and figures are important, but are you sharing your clients’ experiences too?


Estate agents don’t just advertise on Rightmove, it is part of a series of strategies used to market and sell a property.  You are not giving away any secrets to your competitors by explaining to your clients exactly what you do. 


Let’s look at this from a client’s point of view. They are looking to choose an estate agent in their area.  They look at a number of websites, and find several who are using the same language. Then, they come across one who gives them a real insight into the experience they will receive. 


Who do you think they will choose?